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Powerful ambient modular performance by Abjective

The project avoids genre restrictions, being open to the interpretations of the listener. Working in a meta-techno with an industrial touch, Zll` offers a collision with a new experience. 

Zll’ is a modular project by Igor Gorbunov, an experimental electronic musician from St. Petersburg, participant of the Mediaspank and Syntposium festivals.

The sound of the project is a minimalistic and abstract. Improvisation structure of melodic and rhythmic elements is played on a modular synthesizer.

Keith Fullerton Whitman  Super Generators (2017)

Impressive structural improvisation.


Media project from Vadim Pantin (Abjective) and Dina Shakenova, creating at the edge of sound, philosophy and art, where the boundaries of perception are blurred, balancing between different forms of art, life and imagination.

Each project is a new concept of metamodernism, that raising eternal archetypal questions. In the first part, Amach’i explores the issues of polemology. ‘Invisible wars’ is an audio-visual story about radiation and mutations in the minds of humanity caused by an invisible enemy.

Performances are exclusively in the format of live-catharsis with generative video on the base of Max / Msp and modular synthesizers sounding dence stream that affects the nervous system.

Some words about Amach’i. Besides audiovisual art, in close future every Amachi’ live-catharsis will become an animated history, which is reflection and statement of point of view on events taking place in the world.

Datach’i, the project of New York producer Joseph Fraioli, has released a video for “Micro Karplus,” a track off the bonus disc of his new album “System”, which features him performing on his insane Eurorack Modular synth system. Following in the style and footsteps of Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Venetian Snares — on whose Planet Mu-run label this album was released — Datach’i’s first album in a decade seeks to investigate the sounds of this magnificent instrument, and “Micro Karplus” is a good example of the skittering melodicism that his modular aesthetic will sometimes take.

“I’ve spent much of the past decade building up my own sound design company, Jafbox Sound, and in recent years have become fascinated by modular synths,” said Joseph Fraioli. “I’d been making a series of performance videos, showing how they work and that inspired me to start making music as Datach’i again.”

A new live Modular Synth performance from Keith Fullerton Whitman appeared online today. Featuring the piece “Redactions”, the recording was made while Whitman was performing at the Terraforma Festival in Milan, Italy.

Known in the IDM world under another his many monikers, Hrvatski, Whitman has taken a more experimental, classical approach to his work under his own name. Releasing a number of albums as Hrvatski including three self-released records and two on Planet Mu, Whitman became a recognizable name in the IDM scene, while at the same time cultivating an enormous body of more intellectual work. This stretched into academia when Whitman’s piece Sampleaccurate1.5 was included in the Computer Music Journal Volume 24 release from MIT Press in 2000, with other artists like Kid 606, Coil and Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky. His works under his own name have been released by Carpark, Kranky and a number of other labels.

New official video by Abjective. The future is now. Technologies conquer the world. But there are things that do not change. Without human the music is just a sound, only elastic waves of mechanical vibrations. Taken from the new album OVERMIN[D]
Atmospheric performance by r.roo Underground Music Hall, Kiev [2014]

Black trees – is starlight music that is lost among the bare branches in New video clip by Abjective. Piano and triumph of rebirth heard in every note. Taken from new album Black ][ Trees.
IDM / Ambient in live performance. r.roo – Odessa 01.09.12 , live in Exit. Check out!