TLFN – Techmutation… OUT NOW

Technology in many replaces the abilities of the human body, and often surpasses his capabilities. Robots, machines, services, applications think faster and do not make mistakes. Man continues himself in cybernetic space, obeying the laws of nature and connecting with love. It is the signal of the human mind and nature, the processed wisdom of the great essence. Electromagnetic fields, electric streams and new technologies reproduce the infinite processes of nature, bringing humanity to a new level.

Somewhere deep down of the wires the force is swaying that have created them. On each motherboard as in labyrinths flows of the energy giving life wander. Just like in man, there is a trace of the fundamental principle that allows us to seek a connection with nature in the creation of a new world. In a new reality, music is a cyborg of art, mixing natural analog sounds and crystal digital waves.

released August 1, 2018

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