Zll’ ‘is a modular project by Igor Gorbunov, an experimental electronic musician from St. Petersburg, participant of the Mediaspank and Synthposium festivals.

The sound of the project is a minimalistic and abstract. Improvisation structure of melodic and rhythmic elements is played on a modular synthesizer.

The project avoids genre restrictions, being open to the interpretations of the listener. Working in a meta-techno with an industrial touch, Zll` offers a collision with a new experience. Variable, piercing landscapes. Deep aqua-electronics. Crumbling new buildings. Puristic techno with a free structure.

The context remains hidden, and yet abstract compositions should be seen as an invitation to reflection. About society, personality, technology. About openness and doubtness in a new space of communication.


Off site: https://zllo.bandcamp.com

Resident Advisor