7r.roo – is an Ukrainian musician, making music under this moniker since the autumn of 2010.

Behind shoulders Andrew Rugaroo has got eight years of music school on a piano class, which presented him a thin feeling of a melody. In childhood he was in a local symphony-metal band, where he developed his musical skills. After that he began first solo project “Lie Collectors”. 2010 was for him a growth year – he started two projects. The first one under the name of Sound Wave Pressure with an artist Sitreus. They are making a good idm/ambient stuff and play music on live. As well as in 2010 Andrew started his own project – r.roo. Also he made it rather successfully as his most famous albums released on the labels like Tympanik Audio, RAUMKLANG MUSIC and Abstrakt Reflections.


Andrew writes emotional and versatile music in which sensual melody of piano intertwines with crispy idm. Ambient landscapes creates volume, absorbing anxious melody of his music. Contemplation of atmospheric pads and accords of thoughtfulness rely on jerky and intricate mechanisms of synthetic bits. Rhythmic patterns are multi-layered and transparent, so idm’ pretentiousness and brakes do not cross the boundaries of understanding, not trying to surprise the listener, but gradually drag him into their dynamics and space.

official: rroo.bandcamp.com