King Imagine

King Imagine is a solo project of ukrainian musician Alexey Mikryukov. Alexey started his creative way when he was 4 years old, but a becoming in a serious musician have been going on since 1989. Then he was playing as a guitarist in punk band Zooy E Orchestar.

From that time to the present day he is working with a different artists who are more or less well-known at homeland, like Eugene Alexandrov (them project was The Schizotronics), V.V. Pushkar, poet Danylo Kubai, Rootmans Band, etc. For a period of more than 25 years on account of the musician are a lot of interesting projects, including a noise orchestra, sound design/engineer workings, in 1999 together with the composer Alexander Kohanovsky (aka Pankifared) he started the studio project Superapes, recorded two albums and even composed music for escalators, elevators and corridors.
Since 2004 Alexey is cooperating actively with Foa Hoka as a sound producer, a remixer and a contributor of music. Since 2005 releases his output on the d.i.y. CD-R label SKP Records (Kiev). Since 2006 Mikryukov is cooperating with International movement Ukr.tele.kom as remixer, co-author and remastering engineer.


But all of these names and projects are overshadowed because of his own music, what he compose driven by internal experiences. Experiments with electronic and ambient music brought Alexey to his own style. In the music reigns propitiation and nostalgia for the past. In every sound it is possible to listen to a timeless piano, violins together with electronic sound and noise what are laying on the melancholy.

Official Soundcloud page: King Imagine