First Rebirth

9First Rebirth is a musical project of Anton Chirtsov who creates music since 2005. Anton started to make the earliest tracks still in school when he saw a computer program ‘Dance Machine’ the first time and music absorbed his fully. For ten years the artist experiments with different musical style in attempts express different shades of mood and life experiences.

His music is without a strong attachment to a particular music style – mostly it’s been experimental/electronic music, with bits of influence of trip-hop, ambient, downtempo, IDM, etc. – something that Chirtsov defined as “dark downtempo/trip-hop”, although these are still only words.

What Anton is able to do his best, so it is a making a shamanic sound vibrating in a breast. A journey to the shards of subconscious and memory fragments through the prism of emotions. Everyone is finding out something there for themselves.
A power of First Rebirth’ music symbolizing a inner energy. Hypnotizing.