EyeScream is the project of Andrey Novikov from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Initiating his music creativity in 2006, Andrey has been experimenting and mixing with a variety of different styles and sounds under the moniker EyeScream. With 4 album releases, an EP, and nearly a dozen compilation appearances.

2011 saw the release of EyeScream‘s debut album ‘Swamp City‘, a mixture of downtempo, glitch sounds and deep urban atmospheres. By 2012 EyeScream hit his stride releasing three albums ‘Independence Day‘, ‘No.Future‘, and ‘All.One‘, the latter being played at Di.FM, a respected online radio station based in the U.K. Tracks from ‘All.One‘ were also showcased alongside artists such as Brian Eno, Mathias Grassow, 36, Robert Rich, Steve Roach and others whom have influenced Andrey’s sound over the years.


In 2013 EyeScream performed live in various cities across Russia and took part in “Systo Solar 2013” as well as other international festivals and more.