Andrey Svibovitch

Andrey Svibovitch is an audiovisual artist currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was born in Kirovsk, a town beyond the polar circle in the Khibiny mountains on Kola Peninsula. Nevertheless, the contrasts of the nordic nature had a profound impact on Andrey’s artistic vision. He received mostly private education, studying the theory and practice of contemporary dance, fine arts, music, sound engineering, sound art and visual programming.

The experience of various practices led him to a synaesthetic approach in art: the combination of graphics, light, sound and motion into a common audiovisual structure, where each element is essential. The aleatory principle is added in compositional structures. A new meaning and new feelings are born at the point of interaction. Technologies are not the direct goal of the artist, he sees them as a tool for conveying emotions, feelings and sensations at a non-verbal level. He investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions between the visible and audible, the differences between what we feel and observe.