Media project from Vadim Pantin (Abjective) and Dina Shakenova, creating at the edge of sound, philosophy and art, where the boundaries of perception are blurred, balancing between different forms of art, life and imagination. Each project is a new concept of metamodernism, that raising eternal archetypal questions. In the first part, Amach’i explores the issues of polemology. ‘Invisible wars’ is an audio-visual story about radiation and mutations in the minds of humanity caused by an invisible enemy.

Performances are exclusively in the format of live-catharsis with generative video on the base of Max / Msp and modular synthesizers sounding dence stream that affects the nervous system.

Some words about Amach’i. Besides audiovisual art, in close future every Amachi’ live-catharsis will become an animated history, which is reflection and statement of point of view on events taking place in the world.

amach'i media artist