Abjective is a musical project which was created by two brothers Vadim (DomainMeta) and Eugene (Kenagenashi) Pantins in 2009. Project was conceived and exists as idm-project, though now musical interests have grown up to avant-garde and neo-classics.

Alignment of forces at project generally such is: Vadim is engaged in a melody and a variety of live instruments, Evgene is responsible for the technical accuracy of a sound. In addition Vadim works with young directors, writes soundtracks, takes part in exebitions and plays music on live performances.


For now Abjective has got five full-lenght albums, some EPs and a lot of collaborations with different artists.

Abjective is a rare example of a quality electronic music that it necessary be able to listen avidly and attentively.
In different musical styles of Abjective there converge the sensitivity, trembling and the lightness of being, but also on the other side there are an overcome, hysteria, broken spirit and destruction. In every note feelings multiplies by thoughts. In each sound there are questions, doubts, ways, ups and downs, faith and dreams – life is in each sound.
Abjective’ music is like a talks about eternity.

Official site: abjectivemusic.com