a​-​mas — Fragrant Meadow and Bones

a-mas – unknown project from Tallin. Nobody knows the person’s name (or maybe names of a few persons) who stands behind creation of thе music. Every time music presents an amazing emotions and moods. There is no way to guess or suggest what to wait from the next one. a-mas — Fragrant Meadow and Bones

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Rzeng - Audistant

Rzeng – Audistant

† Among other threads that create this canvas, there are subtle noise pulsations, straying into glitches, and insane polyrhythmic improvisations, and alternating it with static episodes of total internal tension, and harmonic dissonances, and moments of transparency and silence in the midst of a market noise. DOWNLOAD / BUY This is mostly an experimental work

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TLFN - Techmutation_cover

TLFN – Techmutation

Technology in many replaces the abilities of the human body, and often surpasses his capabilities. Robots, machines, services, applications think faster and do not make mistakes. Man continues himself in cybernetic space, obeying the laws of nature and connecting with love. It is the signal of the human mind and nature, the processed wisdom of

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King Imagine – Velocity

18th of July the resident of Eonian Autumn Records artist King Imagine will release a new album Velocity. It is a interesting musical project at the junction of idm and lounge with jazz-elements. So soon you can drive in special world populated shadows and sounds.  The album of King Imagine ‘Velocity’ is a not long

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vinyl - balance me by abjective

Abjective – Balance me

The seventh full-length album coming out in the physical and in digital formats. “For today “Balance me” is the most ambitious musical project what I’ve ever done. It was verified so conceptually and thoroughly mastered that with each subsequent listening to the record it will be opened in a new way and will play with

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Abjective - Balance me EP

Abjective – Balance me EP

BALANCE ME EP – is a small part of the material that was not included in the full-lenght album. This music is like a door through which you need to pass in order to feel the atmosphere of the record. Here on the EP are several alternate versions of tracks that in the course of

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a-mas – Loud and Punch

Nobody knows what project is it. Nobody knows the name of the musician or how many they are. Nobody knows where project came from and where next stop will. We only know that it is a project from Tallinn and it issued debut album on the Eonian Autumn. Loud and punch is a mixture of

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