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Abjective – Balance me

October 25, 2016 Download: Audio

The seventh full-length album coming out in the physical and in digital formats.

“For today “Balance me” is the most ambitious musical project what I’ve ever done. It was verified so conceptually and thoroughly mastered that with each subsequent listening to the record it will be opened in a new way and will play with a little different colors and notes.” – Vadim Pantin

Abjective - Balance me cover

For the recording of the album it took nearly three years, and some tracks were recorded even earlier and have undergone major changes, survived several rewrites for corresponding to the proper level. This music has echoes of a very gentle Bjork’s album “Vespertine”, of stringed guitars in the spirit of SigurRos, of sequential melodies and of Telefon Tel Aviv’s vocals from “Immolate Yourself” with elements of glitch-avant-rock. But it is primarily refined electronics.


“Balance me’ it is the music filled with wonderful arrangements with lots of live instruments: violin, stringed guitar, acoustic guitar, piano. During recording I experimented a lot and I was looking for a clean sound with an admixture of everyday life – from children’s toys to crunch of spaghetti. I wanted to make this work more lively and palpable, that it will be possible to recreate music physically but not with only software, computers or modular patch. The melodies are very fragile, as if the music is disintegrating into emotions. This is the case when listening to the same composition it is possible to think about eternity meaninglessness of the life, to enjoy every moment, to watch stunningly beautiful starry sky or to view sunset.

That’s the kind of music I always wanted to write, it was the concept I thought, when I just started making music. 10 years ago I could not think of something similar – I was not ready. Today this music sounds for me in the past tense.” – Vadim Pantin



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All tracks: Abjective (Vadim Pantin)
Mastered: Abjective, Kenagenashi
Produced: Neit Evans, Vadim Pantin, Phillip Rain
Artwork: Vadim Pantin & Phillip Rain
Special thanks: my family: Dina Shakenova, Evgeny Pantin & my friends: Neit Evans, Joseph Fraioli, Sobrio, Fizzarum, Tineidae, Xenoton, Weldroid, Huron, King Imagine, r.roo, EyeScream, 23:59, Acytota, Medkit, Symphocat, FlyinhiAxiom, Tile Shore, Illocanblo, Media Data, Sasha Medvedev, Leksha, YY, Julia Akula, Cetacea

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