OUT NOW /// Zll’ — Sixties EP

The sound of the project is a minimalistic and abstract. Improvisation structure of melodic and rhythmic elements is played on a modular synthesizer.

Sound travel from the depths of the structured chaos through the seething metal and swamps to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.
The album is about the first sound dreamers who received a ticket to an infinite space of sound synthesis thanks to the appearance of a modular synthesizer. The sound was recorded on the equipment of those years by a man who also got a modular synthesizer for the first time.

The project avoids genre restrictions, being open to the interpretations of the listener. Working in a meta-techno with an industrial touch, Zll` offers a collision with a new experience. Variable, piercing landscapes. Deep aqua-electronics. Crumbling new buildings. Puristic techno with a free structure.

The context remains hidden, and yet abstract compositions should be seen as an invitation to reflection. About society, personality, technology. About openness and doubtness in a new space of communication.


zll sixties cover

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