Not Rated

OUT NOW! Not Rated is a musical game of two electronic composers Abjective and Sander Shifter. It does not required to evaluate, opinions and thoughts, but solely immersion in the space of psychedelic sounds and techno noise that were created thanks to synthesizers, guitars, authorial delays and chains of effects. The album was recordered in a format of pure improvisation and a live experiment, where wrong notes or prepared sets do not exist. Bold electro-acoustic music is leding only by the mood of two talented musicians.

Abjective is a musical project which was created by Vadim Pantin in 2009.

Project was conceived and exists as idm-project, though now musical interests have grown up to avant-garde and neo-classics.
The music is based on completely different concepts and approaches to sound recording. The idea of the project is to play electronic mantras on live instruments. Vadim is a multi-instrumentalist, who able to extract sounds from a variety of instruments from keyboards, strings and modular synths, and also from improvised subjects like a screwdriver or a children’s ball. The ability to feel and catch a melody of life allows to Abjective to work in a difference styles: ambient, techno, idm, modern classic and experimental avant-garde.

Sander Shifter is a musician and soundproducer from St. Petersburg. He writes music for a cinema and organizes festivals.

The author of the cover is the collageist Sonia Kowalski.

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