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a-mas — Fragrant Meadow and Bones

After four years Eonian Autumn Records is pleased to present a-mas’ new album – Fragrant Meadow and Bones. Such a strange and ambiguous title is due to the concept and approach to the sound recording of the release. According to the creator, in the release used the sounds of breaking bones of his dogs living

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New stuff member

Hi all! In our close-knit family. Dark Glass is a Moscow electronic project involving experimental sound fields. The founder of the project, Ivan Budaev, is an experimental musician, avant-garde artist, and video designer. The objective of the project is to comprehend the noise and create utopian fantasies of information and sound streams.

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Zll’ — Waves out now!

The sound of the project is a minimalistic and abstract. Improvisation structure of melodic and rhythmic elements is played on a modular synthesizer. The album ‘Waves’ from the St. Petersburg modular experimenter of Zll’ it is the one improvisational session divided into separate tracks.    

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Zll’ — Waves (A/V album teaser) coming soon

long improvisation on a modular synthesizer and cut into individual compositions. The project avoids genre restrictions, being open to the interpretations of the listener. Working in a meta-techno with an industrial touch, Zll` offers a collision with a new experience. New release is coming…

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Rzeng - Audistant

Audistant — OUT NOW!

This is mostly experimental work – a sound film, which I mounted from the most vivid impressions during my sound travels in the last year. The main theme of the album is distance. The alienation of events and feelings from language and speech, which in fact were intended to designate them. And also simultaneous existence

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Snezhana Reizen (aka Rzeng) – Soundart and Innovate sound

Rzeng is a beat-oriented project by the sound-artist based in St. Petersburg – Snezhana Reizen. Over the years she focuses on the eco-futurism in her sound researches. The subject of her studies considers microtonal, noise and polyrhythmic structures, which is typical of both natural pulsations and certain patterns of synthetically created media.. Snezhana synthesizes sounds,

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TLFN - Techmutation_cover

TLFN – Techmutation… OUT NOW

Technology in many replaces the abilities of the human body, and often surpasses his capabilities. Robots, machines, services, applications think faster and do not make mistakes. Man continues himself in cybernetic space, obeying the laws of nature and connecting with love. It is the signal of the human mind and nature, the processed wisdom of

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zll sixties cover

OUT NOW /// Zll’ — Sixties EP

The sound of the project is a minimalistic and abstract. Improvisation structure of melodic and rhythmic elements is played on a modular synthesizer. Sound travel from the depths of the structured chaos through the seething metal and swamps to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The album is about the first sound dreamers who received

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