Abjective & Sander Shifter - Not Rated

Not Rated

OUT NOW! Not Rated is a musical game of two electronic composers Abjective and Sander Shifter. It does not required to evaluate, opinions and thoughts, but solely immersion in the space of psychedelic sounds and techno noise that were created thanks to synthesizers, guitars, authorial delays and chains of effects. The album was recordered in

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King Imagine – Velocity – OUT NOW

OUT NOW King Imagine – Velocuty New album Velocity from ukrainian artist King Imagine. It is an amazing cinamatic music, which could slow the time. Download – itun.es/ru/QYuflb eonian-autumn.com/podcast/king-imagine-velocity

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Abjective – Balance me (Remixes) OUT NOW

Remixes album from talented artists. Enjoy. Tracklist: 01. Balance me (Symphocat remix) 02. Phantom Love (Medkit remix) 03. Self-Discovery (Tineidae edit) 04. Nebulæ (23.59 remix) 05. Arksis Novel (Fizzarum remix) 06. Balance me (EyeScream remix) 07. Self-Discovery (Xenoton edit) 08. Aeon (Sobrio remix) 09. Arksis Novel (DomainMeta edit) 10. Glacier (Huron remix) 11. Balance me

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Abjective – Balance me LP – OUT NOW

Vadim Pantin (Вадим Пантин) aka Abjective (b. 1985 11 14) from Saint Petersburg (Russia) is one of the most interesting young composers. Ambient/IDM/Glitch/experimental electronic/modern classic music has reached the highest standards and is one of the best electronic music i’ve ever heard. I am proud to present my interview with Vadim Pantin which was conducted

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A-mas – Loud and Punch [ OUT NOW ]

Nobody knows what project is it. Nobody knows the name of the musician or how many they are. Nobody knows where project came from and where next stop will. We only know that it is a project from Tallinn and it issued debut album on the Eonian Autumn. Loud and punch is a mixture of

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Unknown artist

a-mas – unknown project from Tallin. Nobody knows the person’s name (or maybe even names of a few persons) who stands behind creation of this music. Each time its music presents an amazing emotions and moods. There is no way to guess or suggest what to wait from the next release. Coming soon…

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