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Unknown artist

a-mas – unknown project from Tallin. Nobody knows the person’s name (or maybe even names of a few persons) who stands behind creation of this music. Each time its music presents an amazing emotions and moods. There is no way to guess or suggest what to wait from the next release. Coming soon…

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New live Modular Synth performance by Keith Fullerton Whitman

Keith Fullerton Whitman introduced the new modular live concert on Terraforma Festival in Milan, Italy. Keith Fullerton Whitman known in the IDM world and uses the classic musical approach in creating experimental music. Releasing a number of albums as Hrvatski including three self-released records and two on Planet Mu Hrvatski – Insect Digestion Melancholy (2002) Planet Mu Hrvatski – Swarm & Dither (2002) Planet Mu

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Datach’i new album coming soon

Track coming in the next year a new release. First official track by Datach’i for the last 10 years. This is really great news. Datach’i is New York’s Joseph Fraioli. He has released other albums back in the mists of time on the Caipirinha label, ones called “10110101=[rec+play]” and “We are well always thank you” plus EPs

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King Imagine – Amarata | Out Now!

The album of King Imagine – Amarata – Is a memories about future which evaporate in sounds. It represents the transparent sadness of life what was only inside the mind. Existence sounds through dreams, shadows of forgotten dialogues and weary maledictions; aberdevine knocks like a branch of a maple tree on a window. All the

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Out soon! 24th August | King Imagine – Amarata

Out soon! 24th of august on Eonian Autumn Records will be released an album Amarata by King Imagine King Imagine is Kiev’s Alexey Mikryukov. During the life he have got a huge musical experience and now Alexey is releasing new album Amarata. His musical vision of life is not easy to express in words, but

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Dante’s Inferno Out Now!

For a perfectly sombre sound worked the best electronic sinners – r.roo, Dirk Geiger, Huron, Abjective, Unlogic Thing, Kenagenashi, EyeScream, Sobrio, King Imagine. Nine circles, nine tracks and the single atmosphere of torments and horrors, of remorse and despair, of depletion and pain. The album is a quintessence of musical torture and hopeless eternity. Increasing

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