Audistant — OUT NOW!

This is mostly experimental work – a sound film, which I mounted from the most vivid impressions during my sound travels in the last year. The main theme of the album is distance. The alienation of events and feelings from language and speech, which in fact were intended to designate them. And also simultaneous existence of self suspention and total presence in moment. These splits have always impressed me. And they pierce all the contrasts of this work.


Among other threads that creates this canvas, there are subtle noise pulsations, straying into glitches, and insane polyrhythmic improvisations, and alternating it with static episodes of total internal tension, and harmonic dissonances, and moments of transparency and silence in the midst of market noise.

Rzeng is a beat-oriented project by the sound-artist based in St. Petersburg – Snezhana Reizen.

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