a-mas — Fragrant Meadow and Bones

After four years Eonian Autumn Records is pleased to present a-mas’ new album – Fragrant Meadow and Bones. Such a strange and ambiguous title is due to the concept and approach to the sound recording of the release. According to the creator, in the release used the sounds of breaking bones of his dogs living in a country side, looped recordings of bell ringing and the noise of the city and fields, in which each sound and track are contrasted to each other. 


The main point of the record is to make the listener plunge into a parallel reality created from organic sounds. While the music itself doesn’t sound like a live thing. The most powerful component of this release is its uniform variety. 

This release will make you ignore the reality. 



released August 18, 2019 

© 2018 | Eonian Autumn Records would like to thank everyone for taking part and if you like what you hear please support the artist. 

All tracks: Unknown 
Mastered: Vadim Pantin (aka Abjective) 
Produced: Vadim Pantin, Neit Evans 

#glitch #noise #experimental #IDM #ambient 

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